An homage to the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East, presented mostly out of context & often mixed with contradictory elements, into a creative new melange of culture clash.
Jim Boz: Folkatronic
Combining dance beats, moody samples and found sounds with a sampling of the flavours of the Middle East into an original mix of organic and electronic.
Jim Boz: Ishtebak
Boz in Oz
Original Music by Jim Boz for the 2011 Australian Intensive
Jim Boz: Boz in Oz
Belly Dance with Jim Boz
Various Artists
Compilation. Available from JimBozShwag
Shut Up & Shimmy
High Energy, Electronic & techno interpretations of Middle Eastern rhythms with two BONUS tracks: Selimah (Slither Mix), a dark electronic piece written for Selimah's Mystic Hips for snake dancing, and Oriental Table (Instructional Mix), the drum solo used in choreography classes on Jim Boz's "Live To Shimmy - Shimmy To Live - 2011 World Tour"
Jim Boz: Shut Up and Shimmy

Instructor's Toolkit Volume 1
9 tracks - 8 minutes each - 4 rhythms - 5 tempos - For the instruction & practice of Middle Eastern & related dance forms.

Jim Boz: Instructors Toolkit: Volume 1
Choreographers Toolkit: Oriental Tabla
Oriental Tabla, as it appears on Shut Up & Shimmy. Each paragraph of music is broken out with the preceding 8 counts, and the next section faded out, then looped 4 times, and offered at temp, medium slow, and slow. The entire drum solo is also offered at all 3 tempos. Designed for choreographers to create, teach and/or practice.
Jim Boz: Choreographers Toolkit: Oriental Tabla
Jim Boz remixes "Jimmy Hafla" on Djinn's second album "The Silent D"
Djinn: The Silent D

Custom Editing/Re-Mixing/Re-Creation Pricings

Since in the Middle Eastern & related dance fields, we have many options for performing. Sometimes we need shorter pieces, sometimes longer, sometimes we like a song just cuz it's just not quite right, and sometimes we want it a tad faster...or slower.

With my original music, I'm happy to make custom mixes for dancers. Here's a generalized ESTIMATED price list (For an idea of what I can do, how long it will take, and how much it will be, be sure to contact me first):

Simple edits (length, speed,simple splicing, things that do not require re-mastering): $25

To remove or add elements (like strip the Bendir out of a mix, or add Sagat), or add/remove electronics or melodics, changing progressions (knocking out melodic phrases), combining songs/versions, etc:

  • $50 for simple edits
  • $100 Complex edits

  • For other editing requirements, I charge a general $25/hour fee

    In all edits, I reserve the right to release your edit, possibly with your dance name and/or troupe or studio name. For an exclusive use edit, kick me back $300 and I'll do whatever you want, only let you have it, and you will have exclusive license for reproduction, performance, etc.

    Note: this is not creating a song for you from scratch, this is working within the elements I already have at my disposal. Check out my samples of my original music in my Video section to get an idea of what I have available.

    Also Note: YES, I have drum solos. Short, long, fast, slow, darbuka, bendir, riqq even! With a disco beat or not, etc. Need a short one that no one has heard yet? I'm happy to make one for you. Making something from scratch me.

    To get the music to you, simple edits can be shipped via (or similar file transfer service) in WAV or high resolution MP3 format. If I have to send it physically (USPS,UPS, etc), it's a flat $10 fee in the USA. Contact me for pricing elsewhere.

    Edits beyond simple cutting/pasting require remixing and then re-mastering. Mastering is a flat $35 fee up to a 10minute piece. Yes, you want mastering. Yes, you need mastering. And no, I won't send a piece out that is not properly mastered.

    Feel free to call me at 1-888-4-JIMBOZ (1-888-454-6269)
    Voice works better for working with the intricacies of editing.

    Please note: although I can edit existing music, I would not be able to legally do such without a legal 'okey dokey' from the artist. In our industry, that is often easy to get if you're really interested. Let me know if you have a 'pie in the sky idea'....sometimes we don't know what is possible until we ask.

    "We are the music makers And we are the dreamers of dreams" - Willy Wonka